DJI Mobile SDK Documentation

      class DJIAudioMediaFile

      @interface DJIAudioMediaFile : DJIMediaFile
      Inherits From:DJIMediaFile

      This class represents the information of an audio file in the aircraft. The audio file is not accessible if the aircraft is connected to a PC with the USB port. For M2E Speaker, it only supports audio files with the following conditions: The audio channel is mono. The audio sample rate is 44,100 Hz. The PCM (Pulse-code modulation) sample depth is 16 bit per sample. The DJIAudioMediaFile contains following properties:
      - fileName
      - durationInSeconds
      - index
      - storageLocation

      Class Members:
      property audioStorageLocation
      @property (nonatomic, readonly) DJIAudioStorageLocation audioStorageLocation

      The storage location to store the file in the aircraft.

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      enum DJIAudioStorageLocation
      typedef NS_ENUM(uint8_t, DJIAudioStorageLocation)

      Storage types of audio files. The storage types will determine the strategy of the aircraft to keep the file.

      Enum Members:
      DJIAudioStorageLocationTemporaryThe audio file is stored to a temporary space. Files with temporary storage location will be automatically deleted when the aircraft reboots.
      DJIAudioStorageLocationPersistentThe audio file is stored to a persistent space. Files with persistent storage location should be deleted manually by calling deleteFiles:withCompletion.