DJI Mobile SDK Documentation

      class DJIGoHomeAction

      @interface DJIGoHomeAction : DJIMissionAction
      Inherits From:DJIMissionAction

      This class represents a go-home action used as an element in a Timeline mission. By creating an object of this class and adding it to Mission Control's Timeline, the aircraft will go home when the Timeline reaches the action.

      Class Members:
      Landing Confirmation
      property autoConfirmLandingEnabled
      @property (nonatomic, readwrite) BOOL autoConfirmLandingEnabled

      YES to enable automatic confirmation during landing. For flight controller firmware version or above, when the clearance between the aircraft and the ground is less than 0.3m, the aircraft will pause landing and wait for the user's confirmation to continue. Enabling the auto confirmation, allows the aircraft to continue landing without the user's confirmation during the Timeline execution. For firmware that does not require landing confirmation, the value is ignored. The default value is YES.