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We’re glad to have our products backed by passionate individuals and organizations that help propel this technology forward with vision to change the way we do things. See some incredible examples of innovative solutions across industries.

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Software and Hardware Support

The DJI Mobile and Onboard SDKs give flexibility to both hardware and software developers.

Mobile SDK

Create a customized mobile app solution to unlock the full potential of your DJI aerial platform.

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Onboard SDK

Monitor and control your aerial platform from any system that is wired directly to the DJI flight controller.

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Learn about some creative solutions that were made possible by the DJI SDK.

Autopilot Phantom

Autopilot transforms your Inspire/Phantom into an autonomous Smart Drone via your iOS device and a growing suite of customizable modes.


Detecting Illegally Parked Cars

A laboratory at Fudan University has created an urban solution which detects illegally parked cars by combining the DJI Matrice 100 and an Intel processor.



Create maps in just 1 click! Autonomous flight control, and fast cloud data-processing for your DJI drone. From agriculture to mining, DroneDeploy transforms your drone into a powerful mapping machine.


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