Hardware Introduction


DJI produces small, highly capable, remotely controlled aircraft, cameras and stabilizers perfect for both consumer and commercial applications. The products are very accessible being easy to use and affordable, and have a quality and feature set unmatched in the industry.

This introduction summarizes the products that are compatible with the Onboard SDK. High level descriptions of the products and main components, and detailed comparisons between products are provided to help the developer choose which product is best for the application they are working on.

Product Categories


DJI has a range of multi-rotor aircraft that can be automated with the Onboard SDK including Matrice 600 Pro, Matrice 600, Matrice 210, Matrice 100. The aircraft provide a range of features, performance, size and price. Specific metrics developers and users should be aware of when they consider an aircraft include:

  • Flight time
  • Size and weight
  • Camera specifications (image quality and movement control)
  • Swappable cameras
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Customizable payloads
  • Maximum service ceiling
  • Available accessories
  • Remote controller features
  • Support for Onboard SDK

Stand-Alone Flight Controllers

N3, A3 and A3 Pro flight control modules are stand-alone components that can be automated with the Onboard SDK. All flight control modules include:

  • Flight computer
  • Inertial measurement unit (IMU) including compass, gyroscope, barometer, accelerometer
  • GPS

These flight control modules allow developers to build fully custom aircraft that have DJI's stable and reliable flight control systems.

To create an aircraft, these flight controllers can be combined with:

  • DJI (Flamewheel series, S series) or third party airframes
  • DJI (Lightbridge 2) or third party wireless communication links
  • DJI Cameras (see table below), and/or third party cameras
  • Third party batteries

The A3 and A3 Pro flight controllers are also used in the M600 and M600 Pro products respectively. It should be noted however, that the firmware for the A3 and A3 Pro will be different to that used in the M600 and M600 Pro.


DJI provides a number of gimbal mounted cameras that can be swapped between aircraft or used in conjunction with DJI's flight controllers and wireless links. Cameras that are compatible with M100, M210, M210-RTK, M600, M600 Pro, A3, A3 Pro and N3 are detailed in this table


Before doing a detailed product comparison it is useful to understand the components of a product and their function.

All products comprise component modules that provide an important feature or function. An introduction to typical components is below with more details in the Component Guide.



Motor mounted propellors provide vertical thrust. The vertical thrust can be adjusted at each motor to allow the aircraft to hover, rotate, ascend, descend or fly horizontally.


DJI aircraft have a large number of sensors including accelerometers, gyroscopes, compasses, barometers, ultrasonic sensors, cameras and satellite positioning systems. These sensors are used to determine the current and predict the future state of the aircraft and the environment around it.

Flight Controller

The Flight Controller is an aircraft's main controller that couples control information from the pilot with sensor information to adjust the thrust at each propellor and fly the aircraft as desired.


The camera can record image and video data locally.


The gimbal holds the camera and can rotate it around three axes. The rotation can be used to both control the direction the camera points, and provide rotational stabilization when the aircraft is not horizontal. The gimbal is mounted on a damped plate for Matrice 100 and on a specialized gimbal mount for Matrice 600, Matrice 210 and Matrice 600 Pro to stabilize lateral vibrations and rotational movement.

Smart Battery

Smart batteries provide the energy required to run the system. Together with the flight controller, the smart battery can estimate remaining flight time and provide warnings when low battery thresholds are crossed. Batteries are easily swapped between flights, extending product use considerably.

Remote Controller

The remote controller provides control sticks, buttons, and wheels that give control of the aircraft flight, camera and gimbal. The remote controller maintains a wireless link with the aircraft with some products having up to a 7km range in ideal environments.

Onboard Computer

An external onboard computer can be mounted on the aircraft, and using the Onboard SDK and a direct serial (UART) connection to the flight controller, provide automation of flight.

Mobile Device

An Android or iOS device can be connected to the remote controller through either USB or WiFi to give an augmented flight experience showing the live camera feed, and showing aircraft state information. Using the DJI Onboard SDK along with DJI Mobile SDK, the mobile device can also be used to control the aircraft.

Supported Products

Below is a table listing the aircraft, handheld cameras and stand-alone components supported by the DJI Onboard SDK.

Products and Accessories
Category Product Cameras SDK Supported Accessories
Aircraft Matrice 100 X3, X5, X5R, XT, Z3, Z30 N1 Video Encoder
Matrice 210 X4S, X5S, XT, Z30 Upward gimbal, Third-party sensors
Matrice 210 RTK X4S, X5S, XT, Z30 Upward gimbal, Third-party sensors
Matrice 600 X3, X5, X5R, XT, Z3, Z30 DRTK, Ronin MX
Matrice 600 Pro X3, X5, X5R, XT, Z3, Z30 DRTK, Ronin MX
Flight Controllers N3 X3, X5, X5R, XT, Z3, Z30 Lightbridge 2, Ronin MX
A3 X3, X5, X5R, XT, Z3, Z30 Lightbridge 2, DRTK, Ronin MX
A3 Pro X3, X5, X5R, XT, Z3, Z30 Lightbridge 2, DRTK, Ronin MX

Aircraft Comparison

Aircraft comparison can be difficult due to the large selection of products, features and functionality. Three summarized aircraft comparison tables are below to introduce the differences in aircraft and features.

Aircraft Comparison: Aircraft


Max Flight Time

Max Speed

Max Ascent Speed

Max Descent Speed

Max Service Ceiling



Max dimension
Without propellors

Matrice 10019-40*2254450042355

With TB47 Battery

Matrice 21013-38*2353300044420

With TB50 Battery

Matrice 210 RTK13-32*2353300044420

With TB50 Battery

Matrice 60018-40*1853250069100

With 6x TB47 Batteries

Matrice 600 Professional18-40*1853250069500

With 6x TB47S Batteries

Aircraft Comparison: Features



FPV Camera

Wireless Range


Landing Gear

Custom Payload

Compatible Accessories

Matrice 100X3, Z3, X5, X5R, XT, Z30-5 / 3.11-2Fixed1000Guidance, Manifold, Focus
Matrice 210X4S, X5S, XT, Z30YES5 / 3.11-2Fixed2300Manifold, Focus, Third-party Sensors
Matrice 210 RTKX4S, X5S, XT, Z30YES5 / 3.11-2Fixed1720Manifold, Focus, Third-party Sensors
Matrice 600X3, Z3, X5, X5R, XT, Custom with Ronin MX-5 / 3.16Moveable6000Manifold, DRTK, Ronin MX
Matrice 600 ProfessionalX3, Z3, X5, X5R, XT, Custom with Ronin MX, Z30-5 / 3.16Moveable6000Manifold, DRTK, Ronin MX

Detailed specifications are listed on each product's webpage specs section at www.dji.com.

Aircraft Comparison: Vision System and Missions


Obstacle Avoidance

Infrared Sensing

Vision Positioning



Follow Me


Tap Fly

Matrice 100With Guidance-With GuidanceYesYesYes--
Matrice 210TrueTrueTrueYesYesYesYesYes
Matrice 210 RTKTrueTrueTrueYesYesYesYesYes
Matrice 600---YesYesYes--
Matrice 600 Professional---YesYesYes--

Flight Time

Product flight time is determined by total aircraft mass and the available stored (battery) energy on the aircraft. The available energy is determined by the number of batteries, the battery energy density and the maximum mass the propulsion system can support.

Battery Energy Density

DJI provides two series of batteries for the Inspire and Matrice product lines. The TB47 series is the default 99 Wh battery that comes with all aircraft. The TB48 series is a 130 Wh battery. While the TB48 battery has a 10-15% higher energy density, it is less practical as batteries >100 Wh often have transport restrictions.

Using a battery with a higher energy density will always translate to longer flight time if all else is kept constant. However, as the TB48 battery is a little heavier than the TB47 battery, it is important to remember that its use will restrict the maximum custom payload. This is particularly noticeable on the Matrice series of products when using more than one battery.

Using More Batteries

Increasing the number of batteries on a product will:

  • Increase the available energy for flight (increasing flight time)
  • Increase the aircraft mass and therefore:
    • Decrease flight time
    • Decrease the allowable additional payload

Flight Time Comparison

To help understand the potential functionality and flight time of different aircraft configurations, a detailed summary of payload and flight times is below:

Payload & Flight Time
Product Camera Battery Configuration Aircraft Mass Battery Mass Camera Mass Payload Take-off Mass Max Flight Time (Approx.)







Matrice 100

Max Take-off Mass: 3600g
Compatible with XT, X3, X5, X5R, Guidance, Manifold

- TB47D 1755 600 0 0 2355 22
- TB47D 1755 600 0 500 2855 17
- TB47D 1755 600 0 1000 3355 13
- TB48D 1755 676 0 0 2431 28
- TB48D 1755 676 0 500 2931 20
- TB48D 1755 676 0 1000 3431 16
- 2x TB47D 1915 1200 0 0 3115 33
- 2x TB48D 1915 1352 0 0 3267 40
X3 TB47D 1755 600 247 0 2602 19
X3 TB48D 1755 676 247 0 2678 23
X3 2x TB48D 1915 1352 247 0 3514 33
Matrice 210

Max Take-off Mass: 6140g
Compatible with XT, X3, X5, X5R, Z30 Manifold

- 2x TB50 2770 1030 0 0 3800 27
X4S 2x TB50 2770 1030 250 0 4050 23
X5S 2x TB50 2770 1030 460 0 4260 22
Z30 2x TB50 2770 1030 550 0 4350 22
Z30+XT 2x TB50 2770 1030 820 0 4620 20
Z30+X5S 2x TB50 2770 1030 1150 0 4950 17
- 2x TB55 2770 1770 0 0 4540 38
X4S 2x TB55 2770 1770 250 0 4790 35
X5S 2x TB55 2770 1770 460 0 5000 33
Z30 2x TB55 2770 1770 550 0 5090 32
Z30+XT 2x TB55 2770 1770 820 0 5360 28
Z30+X5S 2x TB55 2770 1770 1150 0 5690 26
Matrice 600

Max Take-off Mass: 15100g
Compatible with XT, X3, X5, X5R, Guidance, Ronin MX, DRTK, Manifold

- 6x TB47S 5530 3570 0 0 9100 35
- 6x TB47S 5530 3570 0 6000 15100 16
- 6x TB48S 5530 4080 0 0 9610 40
- 6x TB48S 5530 4080 0 5500 15110 18

Flight Controller Comparison

There are three flight controller options available:

  • N3: A consumer grade flight controller with single redundant IMU
  • A3: A commercial grade flight controller
  • A3 Pro: A commercial grade flight controller with 2 redundant IMUs and GPS antennas.

All three flight controllers can be used on a range of airframe configurations: configs

The table below details the differences between the flight controller options.

Flight Controller Comparison: Flight Controller System

Flight Controller



A3 Pro

IMU 2 1 3
IMU Quality Consumer Industrial Industrial
GPS Antenna 1x Square ceramic antennas 1x Dual-feed circular patch antennas 3x Dual-feed circular patch antennas
GPS Noise Immunity Moderate High High
Redundancy Upgrade Options 1x A3 Upgrade Kit
1xIMU, 1xGPS
2x A3 Upgrade Kit
2xIMU, 2xGPS
Equivalent to A3 Pro
DRTK Support No Yes Yes
Power Consumption
4.8 8 16
PMU Output 2A @ 9V 3A @ 9V 3A @ 9V
132 186 386

Camera Comparison

DJI provides several camera configurations. For the Inspire and Matrice lines of products, cameras can be interchanged (Zenmuse X3, X5, X5R, Z3, XT, Z30). The Products and Accessories table at the top of the page details the combinations of camera and aircraft compatibility.

The Zenmuse XT is a thermal camera. It's specifications are difficult to compare directly to other cameras, however it is included in the comparison for it's mass for payload calculation. More details on the specifications of the Zenmuse XT can be found here .

Camera Comparison: Sensor


Sensor Size

Image Pixels

Max Video Resolution


Mechanical Shutter

Shutter Speed

Zenmuse X31/2.3"124K100-1600-8-1/8000
Zenmuse X4S1"204K100-12800YesMechanical 8-1/2000
Electronic 1/2000-1/8000
Zenmuse X54/3"164K100-25600-8-1/8000
Zenmuse X5R4/3"164K100-25600-8-1/8000
Zenmuse X5S4/3"20.85.2K100-25600-8-1/8000
Zenmuse XTNA0.32

Depending on Model

640 x 512

Depending on Model

Zenmuse Z31/2.3"124K100-1600-8-1/8000
Zenmuse Z301/2.3"2.131080p1600-1-1/6000
Camera Comparison: Lens


Swappable Lens


Focal Length



Zenmuse X3-9420f/2.8
Zenmuse X4S-8424f/2.8-f/111-∞
Zenmuse X5Yes72

Standard Lens


Standard Lens

f/1.7 - f/16

Standard Lens

0.2 - ∞
Zenmuse X5RYes72

Standard Lens


Standard Lens

f/1.7 - f/16

Standard Lens

0.2 - ∞
Zenmuse X5SYes72

Standard Lens


Standard Lens

f/1.7 - f/16

Standard Lens

0.2 - ∞
Zenmuse XT-13-90

Depending on Lens

NAf/1.25 - f/1.4

Fixed - Value Depends on Lens

Zenmuse Z3-92-3522-77f/2.8 - f/5.20.5 - ∞
Zenmuse Z30-63.7-2.322-77f/1.6 (Wide) - f/4.7 (Tele)0.1 - ∞ (Wide)
1.2 to ∞ (Tele)
Camera Comparison: Gimbal, Media and Mass


Controllable Gimbal Pan


Controllable Gimbal Tilt

Storage Media

With Gimbal

Zenmuse X3+/- 320roll, pitch, yaw-90 to 30Micro SD247
Zenmuse X4S+/- 320roll, pitch, yaw-90 to 30CineSSD and SD on aircraft253
Zenmuse X5+/- 320roll, pitch, yaw-90 to 30Micro SD526
Zenmuse X5R+/- 320roll, pitch, yaw-90 to 30Micro SD, SSD583
Zenmuse X5S+/- 320roll, pitch, yaw-90 to 30CineSSD and SD on aircraft461
Zenmuse XT+/- 320roll, pitch, yaw-90 to 30Micro SD270
Zenmuse Z3+/- 320roll, pitch, yaw-90 to 30Micro SD262
Zenmuse Z30+/- 320roll, pitch, yaw-90 to 30Micro SD556

Remote Controller Comparison

Remote controllers will differ in:

  • How they connect to a mobile device
  • What wireless technology they use to connect with the aircraft
  • Whether they have GPS built-in
  • If they can output secondary video
  • If they can be used in a dual configuration (one flys the aircraft while the other controls the gimbal and camera)

Remote Controllers that use WiFi to connect to the mobile device will act as a WiFi access point and will need to be joined.

Remote Controller Comparison


Remote Controller

Connectivity to Mobile Device

Connectivity to Aircraft

Supports Dual RC

Built-in GPS

Secondary Video Output

Flight Mode Switch
To use SDK

Matrice 100RequiredUSBLightbridgeYesYesMini HDMIF
Matrice 210RequiredUSBLightbridgeYesYesHDMIAny
Matrice 210 RTKRequiredUSBLightbridgeYesYesHDMIAny
Matrice 600RequiredUSBLightbridgeYesYesMini HDMI, SDIAny
Matrice 600 ProfessionalRequiredUSBLightbridgeYesYesMini HDMI, SDIAny