Development Hardware



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  • M600 and A3/N3 only support OSDK 3.9 or below; M210 V2 series drones support OSDK 3.9 and above; M300 RTK only support OSDK 4.0 and above.


NOTE The details of the drone please refer to the User's manual.

M300 RTK M210 RTK V2 M210 V2




Weight(with battery) 5.3 kg 4.91 kg 4.8 kg
Max Payload 2.7 kg 1.23 kg 1.34 kg
Max Flight Time 55 minutes 33 minutes 34 minutes
Max Payloads3 2 2
Visual Perception Six Three Three
Ingress Protection Rating IP45 IP43 IP43

Three-paddle Landing
Intelligent Positioning Tracking
Intelligent Patrol
Super Clear Matrix Photo
OcuSync 2.0
RTK Precise Positioning
Data Protection
Automatic Obstacle Avoidance
8Km Distance
DJI AirSense
Data Protection
Automatic Obstacle Avoidance

SDK Support
(Least Version)
OSDK 4.0.0
PSDK 2.0
MSDK 4.12.0
OSDK 3.9.0
PSDK 1.5.0
MSDK 4.10.0
OSDK 3.9.0
PSDK 1.5.0
MSDK 4.10.0

Onboard Computer

Manifold 2-C(See details)

Uses Intel® Core ™ i7-8550U processor(x86).

  • Weight: about 205 g
  • Memory: 8GB 64 bit, DDR4 2400 MHz
  • SATA-SSD: 256 GB
  • Input and output: USB 3.0 interface(Type A) × 2, USB 3.0 interface(Micro-B) × 1; UART interface x 1

Manifold 2-G(See details)

Use NVIDIA Jetson TX2 processor(armv8).

  • Weight: about 230 g
  • Memory: 8GB 128 bit, DDR4 1333 MHz
  • eMMC: 32 GB(approximately 28 GB available)
  • SATA-SSD: 128 GB
  • Input and output: USB 3.0 interface(Type A) × 2, USB 3.0 interface(Micro-B) × 1; CAN interface 2, UART interface 2, I2C interface 1, SPI interface UART interface 1

Third-Party Onboard Computer

The following introduced the matters when developers choose the STM32's board, if developer need purchase others, please refer to those informations.

  • Memory: Support SRAM, 16 Mbit and above
  • Interface
    • I2C bus interface, need to be compatible with 64-Kbit EEPROMs, ST MEMSs and I / O expanders
    • Support USB 2.0, with USB-OTG function, support high-speed and full-speed data transmission
    • Power interface: power jack, USB-FS connector, USB-HS connector, through ST-LINK / V2 or daughter board
  • Other Functions
    • Boot from Flash, system memory or SRAM
    • Four-way control selector with control function
    • Support JTAG and SW Support trace debugging
    • Support ST-LINK / V2

NOTE DJI OSDK uses the STM3241G-EVAL (STM32F417IG) to develop and debug samples. For details, please refer to STM3241G-EVAL (STM32F417IG) introduction document.