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  • This series of documentation introduces the functions of OSDK V4.0.0, as well as the steps and methods of developing program using OSDK V4.0.0. If you are still using OSDK V3.9.x, please download the documentation of OSDK V3.9.x.

Before using OSDK to develop the application, developers need to register a account; when using OSDK to develop the application, developers need to purchase a drone and an onboard computer. It is recommended that you learn the Basic Knowledge of the drone before using OSDK to develop the application, understand the Attention for developing the application, and use Practice Tutorials and API Documentation to develop the application.








1.Sign Up 2.Purchase Drones 3.Purchase Hardware Platform 4.Register Application 5.Run the sample 6.Simulation and Debugging

1. Sign Up

2. Purchase

3. Develop The Application


Before using OSDK to develop the application, it is recommended to learn the basic knowledge, understand the features of OSDK, purchase the drone and onboard computer according to actual development needs, select the appropriate development platform.

Start Develop The Application

When using OSDK to develop the application, please connect the drone, onboard computer and third-party sensing equipment, configure the application development environment, and compile Programs, learn how to use OSDK to develop the application.

  • Before using OSDK to develop the application, please read the contents of Attention avoid improper operation Damage the drone or onboard computer;
  • Connection drone, onboard computer, third-party sensing equipment and computer;
  • Install software, prepare related tool chains and libraries;
  • Porting(Optional) the application developed based on OSDK to different hardware and software platforms.
  • Compile sample code, running the sample to learn how to use various features provided by OSDK.

According to the documents in Development Guide to know the working principle and interface calling method of OSDK, quickly realize the application functions.

Develop The Application

  • Develop the application according to the Tutorials and OSDK API Documentation.
  • Use DJI Assistant 2 and other tools to debug the application.

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