Waypoint Mission V2 sample (beta)



The Missions sample shows example usage of GPS Waypoint missions V2 on M210 V2.


The sample intends to show end-to-end implementation of a complete GPS waypoint missions V2. It upload 7 waypoints to complete a polygon with 6 sides. Then it asks user to mix and match actuators and triggers to upload actions.

The Missions sample is available on Linux. To enable the sample, please add cmake argument cmake .. -DWAYPT2_CORE=ON.

Code work flow

wp2 code workflow


The output of the waypoint mission v2 sample in simulation is shown below:

  • wayPointPolygonSides = 6
  • Action actuator: Aircraft Control, yaw 180 deg
  • Action Trigger: Simple Reach Point at index#2

wp2 code workflow