To build an Onboard SDK based application the following are required:

  • Programming experience in C++
  • Experience with embedded systems might be needed for third party sensor or actuator integrations.
  • A compatible DJI vehicle/flight controller
  • Your own Onboard Computer with an available TTL UART port.
    • For x86 platforms, we recommend small-form-factor PCs that can be powered from the aircraft's bus
    • The DJI Manifold is an excellent computer meant to harness the full potential of DJI OSDK
    • Among embedded systems, we recommend the STM32F4 (and the Discovery board).
  • Software tools to build the SDK. See Environment Setup for each platform.
  • Windows PC/Mac to run the required software tools
  • An iOS or Android mobile device to run DJI Go for first time application activation (requires internet connection)


  • An iOS device to run the Mobile-Onboard SDK Sample application, and a MacOS laptop with XCode 7 to compile and load this application
  • For M210 Developers interested in Advanced Sensing, an Onboard Computer with USB 2.0 is required. Please check out M210 Checklist for more details.