Virtual RC Protocol



Virtual RC (Remote Controller), is an API designed for developers to control the drone through serial port by simulated channel values.

Developers can use it directly without obtaining control ability. A list of channel data should be sent to the drone from serial port within every second, or the drone will exit from the virtual RC logic.

NOTE: Virtual RC feature supported only in Matrice 100.

Command Set and Command ID

0 0x05 0x00 obtain of release virtual RC control
0 0x05 0x01 virtual RC channel data

Data Structure

/* Struct of RC Enable/Disable */
typedef struct
uint8_t on_off: 1; //open (1) or close (0) the virtual RC
uint8_t if_switch_back_to_real_RC: 1; //if switch back to real RC (1) or run RC-lost logic directly (0)
uint8_t reserved: 6; //reserved

/* Struct of RC Data */
typedef struct
uint32_t rc_raw_data[16]; //developer designed channel value


  1. The drone will exit the virtual RC logic if there has been a whole second with no virtual_rc_data sent. After exiting the virtual RC logic, the drone will switch back to the real RC if if_switch_back_to_real_RC is 1; otherwise, the drone will run into the RC lost logic directly, which is same as the one when you lost your real RC connection.

  2. The specific meaning of each channel is defined by developers himself and can be configured in DJI assistant.

The default one for DJI controller is defined as follows:

Function Channel Physical Channel Channel Type Range
Roll 0 Joystick [1024-660, 1024+660]
Pitch 1 Joystick [1024-660, 1024+660]
Throttle 2 Joystick [1024-660, 1024+660]
Yaw 3 Joystick [1024-660, 1024+660]
MODE 6 Third gear switch 1552(P),1024(A),496(F)
GO_HOME 5 Button Reserve
GEAR 4 Second gear switch 1684(Up),1324(Down)


  • To arm/disarm the drone

    data[0] = 1024-660; (Roll)
    data[1] = 1024-660; (Pitch)
    data[2] = 1024-660; (Throttle)
    data[3] = 1024+660; (Yaw)
    data[4] = 1324; (Gear)
    data[6] = 1552; (Mode)
  • To move upwards

    data[0] = 1024; (Roll)
    data[1] = 1024; (Pitch)
    data[2] = 1024+660; (Throttle)
    data[3] = 1024; (Yaw)
    data[4] = 1324; (Gear)
    data[6] = 1552; (Mode)