Documentation Introduction


The goal of the Mobile SDK Documentation is to give any developer with iOS or Android experience the knowledge and understanding required to create world changing applications using DJI's technology.

In addition to detailing how to use the Mobile SDK, this documentation describes and compares the products it can automate and the key technologies available.

Get Started Immediately

Developers can Run the Sample Application to immediately run code and see how the DJI Mobile SDK can be used.

One of DJI's aircraft or handheld cameras will be required to run the sample application.


Most of DJI's aircraft and handheld cameras can be automated using the DJI Mobile SDK. This section introduces and compares these products, and introduces the Mobile SDK and it's architecture.

Development Workflow

From registering as a developer, to deploying an application, this section will take developers through the full development process.

Concepts & Guides


DJI products use technologies that not all developers are familiar with. Understanding the concepts of these technologies will make development easier, and allow developers to fully utilize the capability of DJI's aircraft and handheld cameras.


Guides contain detailed information on product and SDK components. Most of the technologies and terminology used within the SDK is covered in these guides.


Several iOS and Android tutorials are provided as examples on how to use the SDK for different applications.



API Reference

Full API descriptions are available for iOS and Android.


Frequently asked questions asked by developers can be found here.