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Cloud API V1.1.0 Release Notes

Release Date:



  • Support DJI Dock access to third-party cloud platform.
  • Support DJI Dock bind to the organization and customize device management.
  • Support DJI Dock report property, online and offline.
  • Support the live streaming through DJI Dock camera and drone. Live streaming protocols of RTMP、Agora、GB28181、RTSP are supported.
  • Support DJI Dock to assign waypoint tasks through Server.
  • Support DJI Dock automatically upload the media files to Server.

Supported Products:

  • DJI M30 Series + DJI Dock

Cloud API V1.0.0 Release Notes

Release Date:



  • Support DJI Pilot 2 access to the third-party cloud platform.
  • Support any kind of cloud platform such as public cloud server or private cloud server.
  • Support live streaming, including RTMP, Agora, RTSP, and GB28181.
  • Support live streaming directly in the DJI Pilot 2.
  • Support waypoints library, and it can sync with the cloud platform.
  • Support DJI WPML which is the new DJI Waypoints Protocol, DJI WPML will be in the firmware of M300 RTK and M30 series.
  • Support DJI Pilot 2 media library, support media auto upload, and manual upload.
  • Support DJI Pilot 2 Terrain Situation Awareness.
  • Support DJI Pilot 2 map elements.
  • Support DJI Pilot 2 webview embedded, developer can run their own web page in the webview.
  • Support launch third-party App by DJI Pilot 2.
  • Support log of DJI Pilot 2 push to third-party cloud platform.

Supported Products:

  • DJI M30 Series + DJI Pilot 2
  • DJI M300 RTK + DJI Pilot 2

Comment: DJI Dock is not supported in this version.

Supported Firmware:

  • M300 RTK: v04.00.00.21
  • DJI Smart Controller: v04.00.00.18
  • M30 Series: v00.04.05.01
  • DJI RC Plus: v01.02.01.08
  • DJI Pilot 2: v4.0.0.74

Known Issues

  • it fails when uploading media files to Minio object storage.

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