Product Architecture

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Cloud API Framework

It can be seen from the framework that the Cloud API is an interface set based on the DJI industrial drones. The overall idea adopts the layering of the device-edge-cloud architecture similar to the Internet of Things. The drone cannot be directly connected to the third-party cloud platform. It needs to connect to the gateway device first such as DJI RC Plus, DJI Dock, and then indirectly connect to the cloud through the DJI Pilot 2 in the remote controller and the DJI Dock. DJI Pilot 2 and DJI Dock are registered and logged into the third-party cloud platform. When the platform is on, the aircraft and payload capacity will be reported at the same time.

The communication protocols between the gateway device and the third-party cloud platform adopt the common MQTT, HTTPS, and WebSocket protocols in the industry. On the basis of this protocol, the thing specification of each hardware device and the function set required are abstracted by business applications.

The third-party cloud platform generally refers to each server that the gateway device can directly access. For the Cloud API, as long as the communication link can access the third-party cloud platform service, communication can be carried out, so there is no need for the environment deployment of the third-party cloud platform. Restrictions, whether private deployments or public cloud deployments can work as long as they are accessible.

The three-party cloud platform needs to deploy basic services such as MQTT gateway, HTTPS service, Websocket service, object storage, etc., and open up the communication link with the gateway device, then the function set can be developed and implemented. The function set provided by the Cloud API is mainly divided into two parts.

Part one is in the DJI Pilot 2 operation scenario. The function set provided in this scenario includes map elements, situational awareness, live broadcast, media library, route library, and equipment management. The other part is mainly for the scene of DJI Dock. The function set includes firmware remote upgrade, device abnormal alarm, airport remote control, etc. Of course, some function sets overlap both scenarios, such as live video.

After the third-party cloud platform has opened up a business with drones, it can build front-end web pages, App applications, small programs, etc. through its own private agreement, and go deep into business scenarios such as security, energy, environmental protection, maritime, etc., to build a complete scene business workflow.