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  • When sending the live_start_push command through the server side, DJI Pilot 2 will appear Unresponsive crashes?

    1. Please confirm your parameter configuration carefully based on the documentation.
    2. Please confirm that the live streaming module has been loaded through JSBridge before using the live streaming function.
  • When the front-end page plays the push stream of 28181 by JSwebrtc library, 400 error will be returned?


    1. Because there are only a few seconds from SIP signaling handshake to push stream, if user asks for video on demand immediately, an error of no stream will appear.
    2. After the developers send start live stream command, you should wait for the 28281 media server to ask for video on demand and the status of Pilot OSD pushing to change to pushing stream, then press to open player for live streaming.
  • When the front-end page uses Agora Voice WEB-SDK, the following errors will appear:


    Because the Web SDK of Agora voice make access security restriction, only HTTPS protocol is supported, or access through http://localhost( If access through HTTP, error occurs. (When there are many abnormal situations, this problem should be considered first.)

  • When sending the request parameters of sound network to live stream and the UrlType is 0, the following errors will appear:


    1. The main reason is that the UrlType is int, and 'required' is marked, so the server side will verify whether the int has been filled in. But when the int is not filled in, it's 0, that is an error. You need to delete the 'required'.
    2. Another method is to change the UrlType to pointer *UrlType, then the empty parameter it verified is null. You can get the value through the pointer.