Access to the Cloud Server

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Before using the DJI Dock for development and the functions of cloud API, Dock deployment should be accomplished through DJI Pilot 2. The complete deployment process includes DJI Dock power on, Dock pair with the drone, network configuration, access to third-party platform configuration, alternate landing point setting, putting the drone in the Dock, and so on. Users can focus on the dock access to the third-party platform and organization bind, accomplish the configuration of the MQTT account, MQTT password, organization ID, device binding code, and so on.


When DJI Pilot 2 and the airport access third-party clouds, in scenarios with high-security requirements, the communication link needs to be encrypted to achieve secure data communication. By default, the device on the SSL link authenticates the server, and the server does not authenticate the device. If the server enables device authentication, the client Auth configuration needs to be performed on the server.

Dock access to Third-party Platform and organization binding

DJI Dock needs to indirectly access the Cloud Server via Pilot.


API Detailed Realization

  • Get the device binding information

    API:Server API > MQTT > Device Management > Get Device Binding Status, method : airport_bind_status

  • Inquire about the organization's information on device binding

    API:Server API > MQTT > Device Management > Get Organization Information, method : airport_organization_get

  • Use the device binding code to bind the organization

    API:Server API > MQTT > Device Management > Bind the Organization, method : airport_organization_bind