FAQ For PSDK Application Process


If you have any questions that are not addressed in the FAQs, please contact psdk@dji.com for more information.

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FAQ For PSDK Application Process

What drone platform is Payload SDK compatible with?

Currently, the Payload SDK and DJI SKYPORT are only compatible with the M200 Series of drones, specifically the M200, M210 and M210 RTK models.

Who can develop on the Payload SDK?

Registered companies, government entities, educational institutions and other organizations are eligible to apply for a Payload SDK Developer license, but personal developers are not.

How can I become a Payload SDK Developer?

  • Go to the DJI Payload SDK Overview page and click “Apply” at the bottom of the page to begin the application process.
  • Login to your DJI Developer Account. If you don’t have a DJI Developer Account, please register before applying for a Payload SDK Developer License.
  • Submit a payload proposal, providing an overview of the payload you intend to develop
  • After reviewing your proposal, DJI will contact your email associated with the DJI Developer account with a payment link for the license fee.
  • Payload SDK access will be granted and developer kits will be shipped to you once the license fee is paid. Documentations will be available to download in your personalized DJI Developer User Center
  • Start developing!

What should I include in my payload proposal?

In short, anything you feel relevant, but we’ve provided a few key points for you to include that will streamline the review process.

  • Target industries the proposed payload will be relevant to
  • Target use cases/applications the proposed payload will have in said industries
  • Key features of the proposed payload
  • Any additional information your team has, such as draft spec sheets, drawings, pictures of existing prototype

Are there any costs to the Payload SDK Developer license?

Yes, once your application is approved you will need to pay a license fee equal to $10,000 USD/year for developing one product line. Any additional product lines will cost an additional, discounted licensing fee of $5,000 USD per year for each additional product line.

Early-Bird discount: Any applications that are approved before November 9th, 2018 will be offered a discounted price of $5,000 for the Payload SDK Developer license and the first developed product.

What resources are provided to Payload SDK Developers?

  • 3 sets of Payload SDK Development kit (development board + DJI SKYPORT adapter). Development kit will be shipped to you once you have paid the license fee.
  • Documentations to assist with your development will be made available to download in the DJI Developer user center. Once your application is approved and the relevant fees are paid, you can access these by going to developer.dji.com, log in to your DJI Developer account and click the User Center at the top right of the website’s navigation bar.
  • Access to DJI Payload SDK tech support.

Can I sell or lease the product that I developed?

No, any product that is developed under the developer license cannot be sold or leased for a monetary benefit. You will need to apply for the commercial license to start selling your product and manufacturing at scale. Details of this process and business agreement will be made available once your Payload SDK Developer License has been approved.

What is the cost structure of the Commercial license?

The detailed pricing and structure of the Commercial license agreement will be shared with you upon the approval of your Developer License application. To understand the concept, DJI will include the percentage-based licensing fee in the purchase of each DJI SKYPORT, so the costs are tied to your manufacturing process like a typical component.

What type of payloads can I develop?

DJI allows for the development of any type of payload where putting it in the sky adds value, but DOES NOT support the development of any weapons or devices that are intended to cause physical or psychological harm to people.