Use the DJI technical support community was recommend . If your problem cannot be solved or there are other questions, please use the problem feedback form to feedback the problem, or sent an Email to DJI SDK.


1. Which drone is Payload SDK compatible with?

Payload SDK currently only supports the Matrice 200 series and Matrice 200 V2 series. For details, please refer to the Parameter Comparison Page.
DJI provides X-Port, SkyPort V2 and SkyPort that are compatible with Matrice 200 series and Matrice 200 V2 series. Please read the Payload Criterion carefully before developing the payload and purchasing the drone.

2. What is Development Mode?
  • Resigned as an user of the PSDK, the developer's mode is the Development Mode.
  • In Development Mode, developers can bind 9 payload APPs totally.
3. What is Production Mode?
  • After obtaining the DJI SDK's license, the mode is Production Mode.
  • In Production Mode, developers can bind an unlimited number of payloads.
  • To obtain the license from DJI , please send the following information for review:
    • Business License (scanned)
    • Payload Proposal: such as Scenarios, Usage Methods, and Ky Functions;
    • Details of the payload: such as Parameters, Sketches, Prototype Photos, etc.

NOTE: It's no means that the payload has been certified by DJI, when the developer obtain the License.

4. What kinds of payload does PSDK suppor?

DJI encourages developers to develop the payload which has add-on functionalities of the drone, not including any weapon or equipment used for destruction. Any consequence, legal risk, and responsibility brought by the payload have to be taken by the developer themselves.


1. Do I need to pay for using PSDK?
  • In Development Mode, developers use PSDK to develop the payload is free,but not for the Hardware;
  • When switched from Development Mode to Production Mode, developers need to obtain licenses:
    • For the first payload(for example, the first payload developed by the developer is a searchlight) is $ 5,000;
    • The license fee for fellow payload (for example, the second payload developed by the developer is a megaphone) is $ 2,500.
2. Do I must have to purchase a Hardware Platform to develop payload?

The Hardware Platform is an essential tool to develop the payload based on PSDK. Developers can purchase following Hardware Platforms according to needs:

NOTE: After enters the production Mode , developers can purchase Hardware Platform packages, such as DJI SKYPORT Adapter Ring Package V2 or DJI SKYPORT Adapter Ring SET, to reduce the cost.

3. Could I use the same Hardware Platform to develop multiple payloads?
  • To prevent you from damaging the payload or drone due to illegal operations, DJI does not recommend that you develop multiple payloads equipment using the same Hardware Platform.
  • If you still use the same Hardware Platform to develop multiple payloads, please re-register the payload Application in the user center, and then use DJI Assistant 2 to re-bind the new payload application with the PSDK Hardware Platform.