FAQ For PSDK Application Process


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FAQ For PSDK Application Process

What drone platform is Payload SDK compatible with?

Currently, the Payload SDK and DJI SKYPORT are only compatible with the M200 Series of drones, specifically the M200, M210 and M210 RTK models. Currently, the Payload SDK and DJI SKYPORT are compatible with M200 Series and M200 V2 Series of drones.

Who can develop on the Payload SDK?

Registered companies, government entities, educational institutions and other organizations are eligible to apply for a Payload SDK Developer license, but personal developers are not.

How can I become a Payload SDK Developer?

  • Click https://account.dji.com/login , follow the instruction and register as a developer;
  • Once your application is approved, DJI will send you an email with the payment link of PSDK development kit;
  • After the proposal is reviewed, DJI will contact you by email and grant the PSDK development mode permission; You can check your Payload SDK apps and download the development documentation in the developer center;
  • After purchasing the Payload SDK development kit, you can now start to develop your applications!
  • A PSDK development package and the authorization will be given by DJI after your payment is confirmed. You can access the app in the ‘user center’ of developer and download related documentation;
  • Start your development!

What should I include in my payload proposal?

In short, anything you feel relevant, but we’ve provided a few key points for you to include that will streamline the review process.

  • Target industries the proposed payload will be relevant to
  • Target use cases/applications the proposed payload will have in said industries;
  • Key features of the proposed payload;
  • Any additional information your team has, such as draft spec sheets, drawings, pictures of existing prototype.

Do I have to pay for the development of Payload SDK? What will be included?

  • Development mode doesn't require PSDK development kit licensing fee.
  • When you swith your payloads from development mode to production mode, you need to pay for the PSDK development kit licensing fee, which is 5000 USD (32000 RMB). This fee only contains the licensing cost of the PSDK development kit.

What is development mode? What is production mode? How to switch from development mode to production mode?

  • Development Mode: Number of binding skyports < 10;

    Once you become a PSDK developer, you are under development mode; Yes. You need to pay for the PSDK development kit, 5000 dollars for each APP.

  • Production Mode: Number of binding skyports >= 10; The PSDK development kit includes:

    Switching from development mode to production mode, PSDK development kit authorization is required; You need to email the scanned copy of your company's business license and project information to dev@dji.com to apply for it. After paying the PSDK authorization fee, you will switch from development mode to production mode.

  • 3 PSDK development board kits (every kit has one development board and one DJI SKYPORT inside)

  • Payload SDK resource package for developers.

What is the workflow of the PSDK development & mass production?

  • Developers register successfully and buy PSDK kit;
  • Finish the development;
  • Developer emails to inform DJI that the development has been completed and will be switching from development mode to production mode, synchronizing the final production information of the payload. DJI will help to backup the information.
  • Developer can purchase the DJi Skyport from DJI Store and start the payload mass production and sales;
  • DJI will take the initiative to contact excellent developers to discuss DJI brand licensing and channel promotion cooperation matters.
  • Contact DJI by email and let DJI know the payload information. DJI will keep it for the future use;
  • Developers can buy DJI SKYPORT in DJI online store for mass production and sale;
  • DJI will contact excellent developers for commercial negotiations about the brand authorization and business expansion.

Is it allowed to buy DJI SKYPORTs and directly start to develop without buying SDK development kit?

Yes, although the PSDK software kit license can be activated after the successful registration of the PSDK project, the PSDK development process is related to hardware and requires the purchase of the software development kit for development; PSDK developer kit purchase link: https://store.dji.com/product/psdk-development-kit. No. You have to buy the SDK kit first. The development board kit and the resource package must be obtained before you start your development. After the development is finished, you can buy DJI SKYPORTs in our online shop for the mass production.

Do I get the certification from DJI when I start my mass production?

No. DJI is not responsible for your payload even though it is developed based on DJI Payload SDK. DJI will only contact those developers who owns good feedback from the market and excellent development capability for the brand authorization certification issues as the commercial promotion.

Am I allowed to buy the PSDK development kit only once and develop multiple payloads?

No. The payload has be bound to the PSDK kit. You have to buy another SDK kits.

What type of payloads can I develop?

DJI encourages you to develop the payload which has add-on functionalities of the drone, not including any weapon or equipment used for destruction. Any consequence, legal risk and responsibility brought by the payload have to be taken by yourself.