How to Use PSDK

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Before using the PSDK to develop payload devices, users should register an Enterprise Account with PSDK using right. Then please purchase DJI drones and hardware platforms when using PSDK to develop payload devices. It is recommended that users know about each criterion of developing payload devices and complete the development based on the tutorial and API documentation.

1. Sign Up

2. Purchase Products

Drones, development platforms and hardware platforms to use when purchasing and developing payloads:


  • SDK Round Ribbon Cable only supports PSDK V3.x.x.
  • DJI has stopped developing PSDK V2.xx and SkyPort on October 21, 2021. It is recommended to use SDK Round Ribbon Cable, X-Port or SkyPort V2 develops payload based on PSDK V3.xx. For the content of PSDK V2.x.x, please refer to Historical Documentopen in new window.
  • SkyPort only supports PSDK V1.x.x. If you still use PSDK V1.x.x and SkyPort to develop payload devices, please use document of PSDK V1.x.xopen in new window.

3. Develop Payload

Preparation before development

Before using PSDK to develop a load device, it is recommended to learn the basic knowledge required to develop the load device, understand the functions of the PSDK and the standards that the load device needs to meet, and choose a suitable hardware platform and a reliable development platform according to the actual development needs.

Start developing payload

When using PSDK to develop payload devices, please correctly connect the selected hardware platform, third-party development boards and DJI drones, correctly configure the payload device development environment, and compile by running the sample code. After the procedure, learn how to develop load devices using PSDK.

Develop a fully functional payload

4. Business Cooperation

Adhere to the concept of openness and mutual benefit, DJI provides developers technical support, payload detection, channel recommendation, and DJI ecological promotion services. We sincerely work with developers and partners to build a good application ecosystem.

  • If the payload passed DJI's detection, it will be recommended to third-party partners.
  • If payload can pass the inspection of a third-party professional organization, after signing a cooperation agreement with DJI, DJI will carry out more in-depth cooperation with the partner, such as recommending the partner's payload to Global Users open in new window, etc. For more cooperation matters, please Contact Us .

Support Services

Self Service: DJI Technical Forumopen in new window

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