How to Become a Payload SDK Developer

The following steps will help you get started on becoming a Payload SDK developer:

1. Determine if the Payload SDK program is the right fit for your company/organization.

Payload SDK is intended for developers who wish to develop payloads specifically such as on the DJI Matrice Series drone platforms. Companies, organizations, government entities and educational institutions are all eligible to apply.

NOTE: Your company must have a registered legal entity name in order to apply.

2. Submit a Payload development proposal

Complete the online application process and submit your proposal for payload development. To ensure a smooth application process, please include as much detail as possible.

3. Start Payload SDK development

Log in to the DJI Developer User Center to download related development files and view the development documents, then start the payload development journey.


To learn more about the PSDK program, license, and application process, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Payload SDK End User License Agreement

Please read carefully. If you do not agree with any of the terms stated in the Payload SDK Developer Agreement, do not continue with the registration process.

By registering as a Payload SDK developer, you are permitted to use the Payload SDK for the sole purpose of developing your Applications and Payloads as part of your Developer Payload Solution. But unless you have a separate agreement with DJI,

  1. DJI is not responsible for your Applications and Payloads availability and risks;

  2. You shall not have or acquire any right, title or interest in or to DJI’s Trademarks, place or append any DJI’s trademarks, logos, service marks or any commercial designations on your Applications and Payloads, nor on any of the accessories, documents, packaging expressly indicated as parts of your Applications or Payloads;

  3. DJI is not obligated to provide you with any support on the developing or distribution of your Developer Payload Solution. If you fail to comply with the above terms, DJI has the right to suspend or withdraw its permit for you to use the Payload SDK, and you shall be liable for indemnifying DJI for its losses.

This End User License Agreement was last modified on December 24, 2018.

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