What is DJI Payload Software Development Kit (SDK)?

Communication APIs

A new set of protocols that let your payload communicate with the drone’s internal systems such as flight controller, GPS module, transmission system and more.

Payload Integration

Build from the ground up using two available integration ports designed to help you connect your payload onto DJI drones.

External Payload

Sensors across all sections of the electromagnetic spectrum, robotic tools and other tools can be mounted onto a DJI platform.

Mobile App

Visualize the data from your payload in real time and send commands, adjust settings and more through the DJI Pilot app or a custom-built Mobile application.

Existing Payload SDK Products

Leading companies are bringing new solutions to the industry using the Payload SDK

SlantRange 4P Series

Advanced Agricultural Analytics Delivered on a Trusted Platform.

The 4P Series merges SlantRange's patented multispectral imaging, agricultural analytics, and data accuracy expertise with DJI’s M200 Series drone platform.

AgricultureOil & GasConstruction


Because Yields Matter.

AGX710 seamlessly integrates Sentera’s digital agriculture ecosystem into the DJI M200 Series drone platform.

AgricultureInfrastructureLand Surveying

Development Platform


Communication with native Linux APIs.


Communication with native real-time operating system APIs.

Embedded systems

Other systems that support UART or CAN communications.



Mobile SDK communication

Network port downlink data transmission

Network port downlink video transmission


DJI Pilot Camera and gimbal payload support

Mobile SDK Camera and gimbal payload support


Custom widget integrated


Aircraft state data

Supported Products

Matrice 300 RTK

Matrice 210

Matrice 210 RTK