Development Notes

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Before using PSDK to develop payload device, please read the contents of this document carefully to avoid accidental damage to the drone, hardware platform, or payload device due to improper operation.

Firmware Upgrade

Before developing the payload device, you need to use DJI Assistant2 to upgrade the firmware of the drone and hardware platform. For detailed description of the firmware version, please refer to the Firmware Versionopen in new window.


  • SDK round ribbon cable only supports PSDK V3.x.x.
  • SkyPort only supports PSDK V1.x.x.
  • DJI has stopped developing PSDK V2.x.x and SkyPort on October 21, 2021. It is recommended to use SDK Round Ribbon Cable, X-Port or ** SkyPort V2** develops payload based on PSDK V3.x.x. For the content of PSDK V2.x.x, please refer to Historical Documentopen in new window.
  • If you still use PSDK V1.x.x and SkyPort to develop payload devices, please use PSDK V1.x.xopen in new window.

Development and Testing

When using PSDK to develop payload devices, to protect developers from accidents, please pay attention to the following:

  • When using PSDK to develop payload devices or test payload devices developed based on PSDK, please remove the propellers on the drone.
  • Do not approach when the drone motor is rotating.
  • Do not input high-power current to the drone power output interface.


  • Before using a payload device developed based on PSDK, please check the laws and regulations of the region where the load device is used. Security issues or legal disputes arising from the use of PSDK have nothing to do with DJI, and DJI does not assume any joint responsibility.
  • When using the payload device developed based on PSDK to perform flight tasks, please operate the drone according to the instructions in the user manual to ensure that the aircraft is in good flight condition when performing the task, and reduce the potential safety hazards and the risk of safety accidents.
  • DJI will not obtain the private data of third-party users in any way and for any reason. Developers should develop functions to protect users' private data, such as data encryption and obfuscation. DJI will not take any legal responsibility for the data leakage of user privacy caused by the use of DJI PSDK.