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  • SDK round ribbon cable only supports PSDK V3.x.x.
  • DJI has stopped developing PSDK V2.xx and SkyPort on October 21, 2021, it is recommended to use SDK Round Ribbon Cable, X-Port or ** SkyPort V2** develops payload based on PSDK V3.xx. For the content of PSDK V2.x.x, please refer to Historical Documentopen in new window.
  • SkyPort only supports PSDK V1.xx; if you still use PSDK V1.xx and SkyPort to develop payload devices, please use [PSDK V1.xx](https://terra -1-g.djicdn.com/71a7d383e71a4fb8887a310eb746b47f/psdk/payload-sdk-doc-1.0.zip).

Purchase Drone


  • For detailed instructions on the parameters of the drone and the use of the drone, please refer to the quick start guide of the optional model from official websiteopen in new window.
  • The picture of the M30/M30T in the table blew are the M30 models. Cameras on the M30 models are different from that on the M30T models. Please refer to the actual model that you purchased.
M300 RTKM30/M30T



Weight (including battery) 5.3 kg 3.77 kg
maximum load2.7 kg0.23 kg
maximum flight time55 minute41 minute
Maximum number of loads32
visual perceptionsix-waysix-way
Protection classIP45IP55

SDK support
(Minimum version)
OSDK 4.0.0
PSDK 2.0
MSDK 4.12.0
PSDK 3.1.0
MSDK 5.0.0

Special Function
three paddle landing
Intelligent location tracking
Intelligent inspection
Ultra-clear matrix photo
Precise retake
Intelligent dotting positioning
battery hot swap
Compatible with DJI Dock

Development Kit

X-Port (Purchase)open in new window

To use the X-Port, parts in Payload SDK Development Kit 2.0open in new window and API could help developers develop the payload which has gimbal's functions more easily.

X-Port includes the following accessories:

NOTE : When using X-Portopen in new window to develop a load device with gimbal function, you can use Payload SDK Development Kit 2.0open in new window are adapted to third-party development platforms.

SkyPort V2

Using the Expansion-Board, developers can choose third-party development boards to develop payload. SkyPort V2 open in new windowincludes components is as follows:

NOTE The value meal for the mass production stage to purchase the DJI SKYPORT Adapter Setopen in new window.

Other SDK accessories

  • OSDK expansion module (click to buy)open in new window: only supports M300 RTK, can connect M300 RTK and Miaowei Compute Manifold 2 and provide several onboard computing platform adapter interfaces.

  • SDK Round Ribbon Cable(click to buy)open in new window: According to the pin definition of the coaxial Integrate into the custom onboard computer, and connect the custom onboard computer with the flight platform through this cable.

  • PSDK Mounting Bracket(click to buy)open in new window: PSDK payload can be fixed to the M30 series flight platform, and different types of PSDK payload can be quickly removed and replaced.

Development Kit Comparison

X-PortSkyPort V2SDK Round Ribbon Cable OSDK expansion components (only support M300 RTK)




weight340g29g4.8gAdapter board:39g
Adapter plate + bracket:78g
Adapter plate + bracket + screw:96g
load weight450g600gShould be ≤ the maximum take-off weight of the aircraft
Adapt to PSDK versionPSDK 2.x
PSDK 3.x
OSDK 4.x
PSDK 3.x
Voltage output (max power) 13.6V / 2A
17V / 2.5A (high power application)
13.6V / 4A
17V / 4A (high power application)
M300 RTK:24V / 4A
M30/M30T:19.2~26.1V/4A(6S battery voltage)
24V / 4A
UART signalingone, Use UART port to transmit data via TTL level (3.3V)
MDI data transferone, Stream video, media files and high-speed data through this interface-
CAN signal transmission-transmission control command
High Power ApplyOutput high-power digital signal (0~3.3V) through this interface-
PPS signal transmissionTransmit digital signal (0~3.3V) through PPS pin to realize time synchronization function
Suitable aircraft type Matrice 300 RTK • Matrice 300 RTK
• M30/M30T
Matrice 300 RTK


  • Protection class of X-Port: IP44. Working temperature range: -20°C~50°C.
  • Affected by the actual working environment, the actual working current of X-Port may be different from the rated current.

Purchase Development Board

DJI PSDK uses the STM3240G-EVAL(STM32F407IG) development board to develop and debug sample programs. It is recommended that developers refer to [STM3240G-EVAL(STM32F407IG)](https://www.st.com/en/evaluation-tools/stm3240g-eval. html) parameter information to select the development platform to be used.