RTK Sample

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Sample Introduction

RTK (Real-time Kinematic) is a common global positioning measurement method and can provide centimeter-level positioning accuracy. RTK Sample contains RTK Station and Network RTK (custom Network RTK, Chihiro Network RTK).

  • RTK Station: The mobile station differentially processes the observation data returned by the base station and GPS to obtain accurate positioning results.
  • Network RTK: MSDK provides custom network RTK and Chihiro network RTK. The network is formed by the combination of multiple base stations, data processing center and communication lines. The base station collects the observation data in real-time and uploads the data to data processing center through communication lines. Data processing center tran transmits the error information to the mobile station, and the mobile station obtains accurate positioning results according to the error information.

This sample shows the complete interface and an example of the interface calling process.

Interface Calling Process

The following figure shows a complete interface display and an example of the interface calling process. For detailed usage, please check the API documentationopen in new window of Mobile SDK.


IRTKCenteropen in new window is RTK management class, which is used to get instances of Chihiro network RTK, custom network RTK and base station RTK. And it provides the functions like the initialization and usage of Chihiro network RTK and custom network RTK, the connection and setting of base station RTK, and so on.

RTK Center en.png

RTK Station

IRTKStationManageropen in new window is a class that manages the RTK base station, which is used to connect and configure the RTK base station.

base station RTK en .png

Custom Network RTK

INetworkRTKManageropen in new window is a class that manages custom network RTK and Chihiro network RTK, which is used to initialize and enable the custom network RTK service.

network RTK en.png

Sample Acquisition

Press to get Sample Codeopen in new window.