Payload Sample

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Sample Introduction

PSDK accessory modules include megaphones, searchlights, parachutes, and third-party payloads. This Sample introduces a megaphone as an example. The megaphone is used to appease trapped people, deter criminals, publicize, and so on in scenarios such as security search and rescue, arrest, and publicity, which provides great convenience for search and rescue, security, and other industries. The PSDK megaphone Sample of the Mobile SDK can realize real-time utterance, voice file recording, loop/single playback of recorded voice files, and voice playback control. This sample shows the complete interface and an example of the interface calling process.

Interface Calling Process

The following figure shows a complete interface display and an example of the interface calling process. For detailed usage, please check the API documentationopen in new window of Mobile SDK.

payload (1).png

Sample Acquisition

Press to get Sample Codeopen in new window.