Perception Sample

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Sample Introduction

MSDK perception module can realize perception management. The perception module provides an overall switch, sub switches of specified direction(upward, downward, horizontal direction), ability of vision positioning, and ability of precision landing. And perception module can change the type of obstacle avoidance, the braking distance of specified direction, and the warning distance of specified direction. Through the perception module, developers can start the adaptation, expansion, and maintenance of perception function more easily.

Interface Calling Process

For detailed usage, please refer to the perception management class IPerceptionManageropen in new window of MSDK API documentation.



  • If the overall switch turns on, the sub switches turn on. If the overall switch turns off, the sub switches turn off.
  • If the overall switch is off, the sub switches can not be turned on. If the sub switches are off, the overall switch will be turned off.
  • For M300 RTK and M30 Series, the setObstacleAvoidanceType() only supports BRAKE.
  • In the process diagram, the interface called and the calling order of the interface are only for reference, please check the sample code for details.

Sample Acquisition

Press to get Sample Codeopen in new window.