LDM Sample

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Sample Introduction

LDM is the abbreviation of Local Data Mode. LDM is a module that allows users to control network access rights by function, and can control whether Mobile SDK can access the network. When LDM is turned on, it means entering Local Data Mode, and MSDK will not initiate any network requests. The LDM function is important in privacy data protection.

There are two modes of LDM startup:

  • Access to LDM server.
  • Directly read the local License file. Developers go to the official website of developers to apply for LDM, and through the application, they can download the offline version license file.

The use of the LDM module can achieve the following three effects:

  • Completely disable all network access.
  • When LDM is closed, there is no restrictions on network requests.
  • Only allow exception modules to access the network as needed. For example, only the RTK module is allowed to access the RTK server to ensure the accuracy of positioning, or only the MSDK registered activation module is allowed to access the network while the rest of the modules are prohibited from accessing the network, or the flight-restricted and unbanned module is allowed to access the flight-restricted database server to ensure flight safety, etc.

Interface Calling Process

The following figure shows a complete interface display and an example of the interface calling process. For detailed usage, please check the API documentationopen in new window of Mobile SDK.


Sample Acquisition

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