Video Stream Sample

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Sample Introduction

This tutorial will introduce video stream management, the video stream management will use IVideoStreamManager to configure the settings of video sources and channels and control the video outputs.

StreamSource: It has a unique ID of the video source. It can also indicate the category, type, and position of the physical devices on the aircraft.

IVideoChannel: It can manage the video source such as enabling and disabling the video channels.

IVideoFrame: It is the frame data for the video stream.

IVideoDecoder: It is encapsulated by the Android MediaCodec and supports YUV and SURFACE output mode for the video stream.

  • If you need to display the video stream, the output mode of IVideoDecoder needs to be set to SURFACE.
  • If you want to process the video stream data by yourself, the output mode of IVideoDecoder needs to be set to YUV. You can call addYuvDataListener to receive the YUV data.
  • If you want to decode the H.264 video stream by yourself, you can call addStreamDataListener to monitor the H.264 video stream. You can decode H.264 video stream and video streaming by yourself.

Interface Calling Process

The following figure shows a complete interface display and an example of the interface calling process. For detailed usage, please check the API documentationopen in new window of Mobile SDK.

Video stream.png

Sample Acquisition

Press to get Sample Codeopen in new window.