DJI Mobile SDK Documentation

class PreFlightCheckListPanel

class PreFlightCheckListPanel extends ListViewWidget
Inherits From:ListViewWidget

To allow user to toggle hide and show this panel, use in conjunction with PreFlightStatusWidget


Panel that shows the preflight checklist that includes a list of items (like IMU, GPS etc) and their state that roll up into an overall state.

This panel is configurable to hide some of the items. Use the attribute "excludeItem" with flags corresponding to each item to hide. Here are all the flags:

    overall, flightMode, compass, IMUStatus, ESCStatus, visionSensors, radioChannelQuality, remoteControllerMode, aircraftBattery, remoteControllerBattery, aircraftBatteryTemperature, remainingStorageCapacity, gimbalStatus

Note that multiple flags can be used simultaneously by logically OR'ing them. For example, if user wants to hide aircraft battery temperature item ad ESC Status item in the panel, it can be done by following two steps.

Define custom xmlns in its layout file:


Then, add following attribute to the PreFlightCheckListPanel:



All the settings are presented in ListView hierarchy.