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What is the DJI Payload SDK?

The DJI Payload SDK (PSDK) is a transformational SDK that enables third-party manufacturers to develop application-specific payloads that can be integrated seamlessly with DJI flight platforms. With the PSDK, your payload gets access to power supply, wireless communication link, aircraft state/status information (GPS, attitude, time and date) and various APIs tightly integrating with Mobile SDK (MSDK), DJI Pilot and Onboard SDK (OSDK).

This documentation helps developers get started with the PSDK and understand its nuances. The structure of this website is summarized below.

Hardware Kit

The PSDK hardware kit consists of a DJI SKYPORT adapter, a development board and a coaxial cable to connect the two components.

Details on this hardware kit can be found on the Hardware Introduction page.


Get Started Immediately

Developers can Run Sample Application to immediately run code and explore how the Payload SDK can be used to add functionalities (or services, anything else) on top of it.


The PSDK introduces new paradigms for creating a payload and companion applications. This section helps explain:

Development Workflow


All the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) submitted by developers can be found here.