What is PSDK ?



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  • This series of documentation introduces the functions of PSDK V2.x.x, as well as the steps and methods of developing payload using PSDK V2.x.x. If you are still using PSDK V 1.5.x, please download the documentation of PSDK V1.5.x.

To help developers to develop the payload, DJI provides Payload SDK (PSDK), X-Port and SkyPort to expedite developers to obtain the resources from DJI drones, such as power and status (GPS, attitude, time and date).


  • Perfect Function
    Using basic functions such as information acquisition, data transmission, and power management; advanced functions such as cameras, gimbals, payload coordination, and precise positioning, developers could design a perfect function payload.

  • Customized and Scalable
    Besides the DJI Pilot is compatible with payload which developed using PSDK, DJI provides Mobile SDK to help developers to develop Mobile APPs to control the payload; provides Onboard SDK to support developers write the self-control programs; Windows SDK can help the developer to develop the Data analyzing software.

  • Support Services
    PSDK not only provides the API and hardware for developing the payload, but also provides standards, technical support, marketing, and ecological cooperation services, etc.

Typical Features

Usage Scenarios

Payload Security Inspection Survey Environment More Industries
Public Security Fire Fighting Rescue Services Pipeline Inspection Factory Inspection Geological Survey Urban Planning Resource Ecological Protection Biological Protection ......
Zoom Camera
Thermal Imaging Camera - -
Infrared Camera - - -
Multi-Camera - - - -
Starlight Camera - - - - - - - -
Lidar - - - - - -
Gas Detector - - - - -
Radiation Detector - - - - - -
Water Detector - - - - - - - - -
Megaphone - - - - -
Searchlight - - - - -
More Payloads......

Using MSDK and OSDK

  • MSDK: The Mobile APP developed based on MSDK can control the payload.
  • OSDK: The onboard computer could run the control program developed by the developer based on the OSDK.

Reference: How to use PSDK?