Payload SDK Features - Aircraft State Push Data


Push Data Description

The Payload SDK provides access to some real-time information about the aircraft's state. Here are some examples of how this information can be used by your payload:

  • For camera payloads, you can record the GPS position of the aircraft at the time a picture was taken and store it as metadata
  • For camera/gimbal payloads, you can record the attitude of the aircraft and use it to rotate the picture in use cases which demand absolute position and orientation
  • You can monitor the battery levels and turn off some functionality of the payload when the aircraft battery drops below a certain level

Push Data Details

Payload SDK provides access to aircraft state, referring to the Payload SDK API manual for details.

Currently, the following push data is supported:

Status Maximum push frequency
Data Communication status (including video transmission bandwidth) 1Hz
Flight attitude 50Hz
Battery status 1Hz
GPS data 1Hz (M200 Series), 10Hz (M200 Series V2)
GPS raw data 5Hz
Altitude data 50Hz
Flight status 1Hz
App time and date push 1Hz
RTK raw data 20Hz