Integrate SDK into Application


Software architecture of Payload SDK

  • User Application Layer : The user's application.
  • PSDK Upper Layer : PSDK function layer. A user can call this layer interface to use PSDK functionalities.
  • PSDK Core Layer : PSDK low layer functions to deal with protocol parse, protocol package and debugging.
  • PSDK Arch Layer : PSDK platform wrapper layer to port payload SDK to different platforms.

Run Payload SDK

The initialization functions of the Payload SDK are provided in the file "Payload_SDK/psdk_upper/inc/psdk_upper.h file" of the SDK. You can refer to the function interface description to incorporate and establish the Payload SDK running environment for your application.

Use Payload SDK features

The major interface header files for various features in the folder "Payload_SDK/psdk_upper/inc" of the SDK are listed as follows:

• psdk_app_func.h: provides the functions related to mobile SDK communications and DJI Pilot custom control features.

• psdk_msg_subcribe.h: provides the message subscription feature for users to subscribe to GPS, time, UAV location and pose and other UAV system information.

• psdk_payload_camera.h: provides the camera payload development interfaces. DJI Pilot supports camera payload interfaces and the mobile SDK provides interfaces for the camera payloads.

• psdk_payload_gimbal.h: provides the gimbal development interfaces. DJI Pilot supports gimbal interfaces and the mobile SDK provides interfaces for the gimbal.

Payload SDK Port

The examples for porting the Payload SDK to the MCU STM32F407IG FreeRTOS and a Linux system are available. Payload SDK is provided in source code. You can try to port the Payload SDK example to your own payload platform. See "Payload_SDK/psdk_arch/arch_template/psdk_arch_sys.h" and "Payload_SDK/psdk_arch/arch_template/psdk_arch_sys.c" to learn how to port the Payload SDK.