SDK Type

Mobile SDK

Supported Products

Phantom 4, Phantom 3 Professional, Phantom 3 Advanced, Phantom 3 Standard, Phantom 3 4K, Inspire 1

CoPilot Basic


FreeSkies is making high-quality aerial imaging simple and accessible to everyone. This is accomplished by democratizing drone technology with radically simple and intuitive mobile software to enable the access economy for consumer drones.

The consumer drone industry is in desperate need of a control interface that leverages the power of the autopilot and machine intelligence. To finally depart from the paradigm of manual control and make UAS truly accessible to the mass market, FreeSkies has developed a novel 3D interface for autonomous flight control. This interface allows any user, regardless of experience or piloting skill, to provide professional aerial imaging services on demand and at scale. As total autonomy removes the risk of pilot error and regulatory violations, users can receive low-cost insurance while enjoying operating permissions unavailable to the general public. Users can accept or decline local aerial imaging gigs for the real estate and insurance industries.


  • 3D Interface: Create your flight path by selecting keyframes in a 3D map.
  • Full Autonomous Control: Create your flight path and let CoPilot fly the path for you autonomously.
  • Obstacle Avoidance: Check for immediate obstacles like buildings and terrain before launching.
  • Autonomous, Pitch, and Camera Modes: Switch between full autonomous control, camera pitch control, and full camera control.
  • Live HD Recording: View and Record your flight in real time.
  • No Fly Zones: Checks local no-fly-zones before flight so you know if you're safe to fly.
  • Weather Monitoring: Checks local weather so you know if weather conditions are optimal for flying.


Comments and experience on using the DJI SDK

FreeSkies loves working with DJI drones because of their incredible performance and price point. The SDK allows FreeSkies to leave the hardware to the experts and focus on providing the best possible aerial video experience. FreeSkies is using the SDK to make great aerial data assessable to a wider market and enable the next wave of fully realized autonomous drone applications for a multitude of industries