Network Port Guide


Network Port Configuration

Configure the network port network properties as below when using the network port to transmit code stream and data:

  • IP address:
  • Subnet mask:
  • Default gateway:

The network port sends downlink data (i.e. from PSDK to MSDK) to the IP and port 23002 by using the UDP protocol

Video Transmission

The network port sends video stream to the IP and port 23003 by using the UDP protocol. The requirements of the video stream are as below:

  • H.264 stream, recommended interval of I frame of 1 second, without B frame
  • Recommended frame rate not exceeding 30 fps
  • Non-GDR coding strategy
  • Baseline/ Main / High Profiles
  • Level Number of less than 5.1
  • For other format requirements, please refer to the documentation for the APP and mobile device used
  • Up to 8KB for sending a single package when using UDP

Developers can refer to the video stream transmission routines (Payload_SDK/sample/network_port).