PSDK API Documentation


NOTE This series of documents describe the detail of the function and interfaces supported by PSDK V2.x.x, If you still use PSDK V1.x.x to develop payload, please download PSDK V1.x.x Documents.

DJI Payload SDK(PSDK), is a development kit provided by DJI to support developers to develop payload that can be mounted on DJI drones. Combined with the X-Port or SkyPort, developers can apply high power,status information and other resource from DJI's drone.


  • Use C language development (support C99 and C11)
  • Support mainstream embedded systems such as Linux and RTOS
  • Modular design, easy to transplant

Basic Features

Porting PSDK supports developers to port the applications to different OS and hardwares.
Information Management The information management function includes information acquisition and message subscription function. The information acquisition function is used to obtain information of the drone; the message subscription function is used to subscribed the data from the drone.
Log Management The log management function supports developers to use the serial port, terminal or USB and other log output methods to output the required logs.
Power Management The payload can obtain higher power from the drone In order to prevent the payload losing data or being accidentally damaged without performing the shutdown preparation, the PSDK also provides the function to push the shutdown notification.
Data Transmission The data transmission module can transmit data information and user-defined data between PSDK, MSDK and OSDK in a transparent transmission mode on the control command transmission channel and high-speed data transmission channel.
SDK Interconnection Using SDK Interconnection, developer could create transmission channels dynamically, specified, and communicate simultaneously.
Time Synchronization The time synchronization is used to synchronize the time of the payload and the drone, which is convenient for users to use the log to troubleshoot all kinds of faults during the flight of the drone, analyze the data sampled by the sensor, and obtain accurate positioning information.
Upgrade upgrade is used to facilitate users to upgrade the firmware for payload which developed based on PSDK.

Application Function

Custom Widget

Using the "custom widget" package the functions of the payload as a widget such as button, switch and slider, which is convenient for the user to set the parameters or perform the specified action quickly, also could control the payload display the status information of the payload form the floating window.

Using the Positioning function, developers can obtain positioning requirements with centimeter-level accuracy using payload developed based on PSDK.
Payload Coordination

Using payload coordination function, developers can control multiple payloads on the drone to cooperate with each other to meet different usage requirements.
X-Port Control

Developers using DJI X-Port can develop payload with gimbal functions quickly, and could use the API interface to set various parameters of X-Port.

Payload components

Gimbal Control

Using gimbal control function developer could developed the payload which has gimbal's function.
Camera Control

Using the camera functions of PSDK, developers can develop payload with camera functions such as taking pictures, recording, focusing, and exposure.


Developers can use PSDK to develop payload within the scope allowed by DJI. The copyright of payload developed based on DJI PSDK belongs to the developer. DJI will not request the developer's code in any form or reason. If you need to use DJI PSDK to develop payload devices, please register a PSDK Enterprise Account; if you need to develop more than 9 payloads, please apply for mass production permission.