PSDK API Documentation



  • DJI has stopped developing PSDK V2.xx and SkyPort on October 21, 2021, it is recommended to use SDK Coaxial Cable, X-Port or ** SkyPort V2** develops payload based on PSDK V3.xx. For the content of PSDK V2.x.x, please refer to Historical Document.
  • SkyPort only supports PSDK V1.xx; if you still use PSDK V1.xx and SkyPort to develop payload devices, please use [PSDK V1.xx](https://terra

DJI Payload SDK(PSDK), is a development kit provided by DJI to support developers to develop payload that can be mounted on DJI drones. Combined with the X-Port or SkyPort, developers can apply high power,status information and other resource from DJI's drone.


  • Use C language development (support C99 and C11)
  • Support mainstream embedded systems such as Linux and RTOS
  • Modular design, easy to transplant


Basic Functions





Developers can use PSDK to develop payload within the scope allowed by DJI. The copyright of payload developed based on DJI PSDK belongs to the developer. DJI will not request the developer's code in any form or reason. If you need to use DJI PSDK to develop payload devices, please register a PSDK Enterprise Account; if you need to develop more than 9 payloads, please apply for mass production permission.