DJI Matrice 100 Reloaded: New Onboard SDK Released


Dear Developer:

New updates are now available for the DJI Matrice 100, including additional control ports for the gimbal and camera, and support for DJI Intelligent Modes. The original onboard SDK functions have been upgraded and optimized, and more detailed documentation and sample code are also available to help you integrate the DJI Matrice 100 into different applications and industries.

N1 Assistant Software Upgrade:

  1. Automatically configure flight control parameters without having to upgrade the N1 Assistant Software or M100 firmware.
  2. API Configuration Page has a new data type selection panel. Please read documentation for details about the items on the selection panel.

Flight Controller Upgrade:

  1. Optimized flight control performance.
  2. Onboard API Message Package data structure has changed. Please use new sample code to read message packages.
  3. Onboard API Message Package can choose to send raw data or fused data. It can be configured with N1 Assistant Software.
  4. Onboard API fixed bugs in the SDK activation process and added an SDK version checking mechanism.
  5. Onboard API improved the stability of the access control process.
  6. Onboard API added gimbal control functions (must use with the Zenmuse X3 gimbal).
  7. Onboard API added simple camera control functions (must use with the Zenmuse X3 gimbal).
  8. Onboard API fixed bugs in auto takeoff and landing.
  9. Onboard API can send control commands after engine is started.
  10. M100 supports intelligent flight control functions in DJI GO and DJI Mobile SDK.
  11. M100 fixed bugs in communication with Guidance sensor (must have Guidance sensor installed).
  12. M100 improved braking performance with Guidance sensor (must have Guidance sensor installed).

Documentation Upgrade:

  1. More detailed Quick Start Guide and Programming Guide
  2. Sample code upgraded based on new message package data structure and activation process
  3. ROS sample code has been restructured and optimized