What's PSDK

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For your convenience to develop a safe and reliable payload device using the new functions provided by the PSDK, please continue to pay attention to the release information of the DJI PSDK, and use the latest version of the PSDK development kit to develop the payload device in time.

This article refers to

  • "Mobile App" refers to the Mobile App or DJI Pilot developed using MSDK.
  • "Load device" is the load device developed using PSDK.
  • "Airborne Computer" is a computing device such as Manifold that runs the drone control program developed based on PSDK.

PSDK Introduction

In order to support developers in developing payload devices that can be mounted on DJI drones, DJI provides a development kit Payload SDK (PSDK) and development accessories X-Portopen in new window, SkyPort V2open in new window and SDK Round Ribbon Cableopen in new window, etc. It is convenient for developers to develop payload that can be mounted on DJI drones by using the resources such as power supply, communication link and status information on DJI drones. According to the application requirements of the industry, based on the functional interface provided by PSDK, combined with specific structural design, hardware design, software logic implementation, and algorithm optimization, developers can develop such as Automatic Inspection System, Infrared Camera, mapping camera, multispectral camera, megaphone, searchlight and other load equipment to meet different subdivisions.


  • Perfect Function
    Using basic functions such as information acquisition, data transmission, and power management and advanced functions such as cameras, gimbals, payload coordination, and precise positioning, developers could design a perfect function payload. And PSDK provides a wealth of interfaces, which is convenient for developers to use third-party applications and algorithm frameworks to develop professional application software using technologies such as image recognition, autonomous cruise and SLAM. In addition, it is also convenient for developers to access third-party sensors and cameras or testing equipment to collect the required data information to meet the user's personalized application functions and control needs.

  • Customized and Scalable
    Besides the DJI Pilot is compatible with payload which developed using PSDK, DJI provides Mobile SDK to help developers to develop Mobile Apps to control the payload; provides Onboard SDK to support developers write the self-control programs; Windows SDK can help the developer to develop the Data analyzing software.

  • Compatible with a wide range of software and hardware platforms
    Applications developed using PSDK can run on mainstream embedded hardware platforms, such as STM32, etc., and can also run on mainstream embedded operating systems and software architectures, such as Linux, ROS, and RTOS. After performing the required work based on Portingopen in new window, you can run PSDK-based development on different versions of software and hardware platforms s application.

  • Support Services
    PSDK not only provides the API and hardware for developing the payload, but also provides standards, technical support, marketing, and ecological cooperation services, etc.

Typical Features

The functions supported by PSDK are divided into basic functions and advanced functions according to the difficulty of getting started.

  • Log Management

  • Information Management

  • Payload Camera

  • Camera Management

  • Payload Gimbal

  • Gimbal Management

  • Power Management

  • Flight Control

  • Custom Widget

  • HMS System

  • Time Sync

  • Data Transmission

Advanced functions

  • Media File Metadata

  • Video Stream

  • Media Playback and Download

  • Xport

  • Liveview

  • Local Upgrade

  • Positioning

  • SDK Interconnection

  • Waypoint Mission

  • Speaker

Usage Scenarios

Using PSDK to develop payload devices that can be mounted on DJI drones can meet the diverse application needs of different industries:

PayloadSecurityInspectionSurveyEnvironmentMore Industries
Public SecurityFire FightingRescue ServicesPipeline InspectionFactory InspectionGeological SurveyUrban PlanningResourceEcological ProtectionBiological Protection...
Zoom Camera ...
Thermal Imaging Camera - - ...
Infrared Camera - - - ...
Multi-Camera - - - - ...
Starlight Camera - - - - - - - - ...
Lidar - - - - - - ...
Gas Detector - - - - - ...
Radiation Detector - - - - - - ...
Water Detector - - - - - - - - - ...
Speaker - - - - - ...
Searchlight - - - - - ...
Automatic Inspection System - - - - - - - - ...
More Payloads ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Using MSDK

MSDK: The Mobile App developed with MSDK can control the load device to perform specified actions and tasks. Click to learn moreopen in new window.


Before using the application developed by PSDK, please check the laws and regulations of the area where the flight site is located. Security issues or legal disputes arising from the use of PSDK have nothing to do with DJI, and DJI is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of PSDK. Legal Risk and Liability.