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TutorialFunction Introduction
KeyManageropen in new window The KeyManager class provides a set of methods to access the parameters of the hardware module and control the behavior of the hardware module.
Video Streamopen in new window This tutorial will introduce video stream management, the video stream management will use IVideoStreamManager to configure the settings of video sources and channels and control the video outputs.
Live Streamopen in new windowThe live stream function is an important function of Mobile SDK, which supports four live stream modes: RTMP, RTSP, GB28181, and AGORA.
Media Fileopen in new window Management behavior includes accessing the media file storage resource of the drone, obtaining the media file list and list status, video file playing, and so on.
Simulatoropen in new window The Mobile SDK Simulator function is an important function to test various flight states in the form of a simulator.
Virtual Stickopen in new windowUsers can directly control the virtual stick on the touch screen to control the behavior of the aircraft.
Waypointopen in new window Waypoint flight can support forward photography and oblique photography, and realize automatic inspection and automatic patrol. It plays a great role in the field of security and surveying and mapping.
Perceptionopen in new window Perception module provides overall switch, sub switches of specified direction(upward, downward, horizontal direction), ability of vision positioning and ability of percision landing. And perception module can change the type of obstacle avoidance, the braking distance of specified direction and the warining distance of specified direction.
Diagnosticopen in new windowDiagnostic module is to provide more friendly and abundant diagnosis information for users.
RTKopen in new windowRTK (Real-time Kinematic) is a common global positioning measurement method and can provid centimeter level positioning accuracy.
LDMopen in new window LDM is a module that allows users to control network access rights by function, and can control whether Mobile SDK can access the network.
Flight Recordopen in new window The flight record module is to provide users with a way to determine responsibility and locate problems.
Payloadopen in new window This Sample introduces a megaphone as an example.