Error Code

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Corresponding error code of task

319001Task center is not currently idle.
319002dronenest communication timeout
319999unknown error, for example restart after crash
314001URL of assigned waypoint task is empty
314002md5 of assigned waypoint task is empty
314003MissionID is illegal
314004Server download the waypoint task failed
314005waypoint md5 verification failed
314006Timeout waiting for the flight waypoint that can be loaded
314007Fail to load the waypoint to the drone
314008Timeout waiting for the drone to enter the waypoint exectuable status
314009Start the waypoint task failed
314010Waypoint execution failed
316001Alternate landing point setting failed
316002Alternate safe transfer altitude setting failed
316003Takeoff altitude setting failed
316004Failsafe behavior setting failed
316005Home point setting failed
316007Timeout waiting for the aircraft to be ready to set parameters
316008Get the control of flight failed
316009not enough power of flight
317001Get the media file number failed
321513Reached the height limitation
321514Reached the distance limitation
321515Pass through the restricted area
321769GPS signal weak