Noun Explanation

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Hardware productsThe types of hardware released by DJI that can be sold independently. For example, M300 RTK, P1, L1, H20T and remote control with screen are independent products. The product should have its own unique thing model data. The product has a unique ProductKey identification.
ComponentSome devices consist of multiple components, such as flight platforms, with their own Camera, Gimbal and so on. Payloads are also mounted as components and form a capability topology with the flight platform.
Gateway deviceDevices that can directly connect to the cloud platform and have hardware device management functions, and can act as an agent for hardware devices to connect to the cloud, such as remote controls with screen, airports and other devices. Gateway devices generally have only simple geographic reporting, online and offline status, power on and restart and other simple functions.
Thing modelIt is the functional description of the device in the cloud, including the properties, services and events of the device. The IoT platform describes the thing model by defining a thing description language called TSL (Thing Specification Language) in JSON format, and the server side can receive the thing model data and do JSON parsing.
Device properties (Properties)One of the functional models of the device, is typically used to describe the state of the device while it is running, such as the current ambient temperature as read by the environmental monitoring device.
Device service (Services)One of the functional models of a device, is a capability or method that the device can be invoked externally to set input parameters and output parameters. Compared to attributes, services can implement more complex business logic with a single instruction. An example is the commanded flight of an aircraft.
Device events (Events)One of the functional models of a device, the events that occur when the device is running. Events typically contain notification information that needs to be sensed and processed externally and can contain multiple output parameters. For example, information about the completion of a task, or the temperature of the device in case of a failure or alarm and so on, events can be subscribed to and published.
Persistent connectionA bidirectional communication connection established between the cloud platform and the gateway device or directly connected device. Such as WebSocket, MQTT and so on.
Device topologyDevices in the field. Including aircraft, payload, and remote control connection relationships.
Device online statusIndicates the network status of the device, which can be divided into online, disconnected and offline. Disconnected for the persistent connection of the device without notification, can be understood as the network caused by offline. Offline is triggered by human consciousness, such as task completion, gateway device shutdown and other actions triggered.