Terrain Situation Awareness

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Function Overview

TSA is a function that supports DJI Pilot 2 to display the aircraft/RC info on the map by using the device coordinate information which is sent by the Server end. Both web end and DJI Pilot 2 end will have all devices info under the same workspace. It can help the communication and info sharing between all devices/Pilot2/teammates.

For example, in the following figure,Pilot A,Pilot B, DOCK A, DOCK B, Human, and other devices have pushed their information to the server through API. Once the server end receives all information, it will summarize it and push it to different DJI Pilot 2 through WebSocket, thenPilot A andPilot B will have all info displayed in their APP.

Interactive timing diagram

Interface Introduction

Load DJI Pilot 2 TSA Module

Before using the TSA function, developers need to set up the workspaceId, configure the Ws module and api module, and then load the DJI Pilot 2 map module. Also, developers can consider adding the loading interface of map module in log-in phase.

API: Refer to App API > JSBridge API Reference -window.djiBridge.platformLoadComponent(String name, String param)

Obtain Device Topology List

In the first connection, DJI Pilot 2 will send out an http request to obtain all devices list and topology list. On the server end, it needs to synchronize the device list to DJI Pilot 2. Also, if it receives an instruction of device online/offline/update from WebSocket, it needs the same interface to request the update of the device topology list.

API: Refer to《Server API Reference-HTTPS-Terrain Situation Awareness-Get Device Topology List

Custom Icon

The device can display custom icons by using icon_urls. If the field is defined, it will be displayed in preference to the content of the field. If not, it is displayed by default by device_model.

                "normal_icon_url":"resource://Pilot2/drawable/tsa_aircraft_others_normal",    // Normal status icon
                "selected_icon_url":"resource://Pilot2/drawable/tsa_aircraft_others_pressed",   // Selected status icon

App has some built-in icons.

url style: resource://Pilot2/drawable/tsa_aircraft_others_normal

Built-in Icon List


Support online icon. Online Icons are downloaded and cached inside the App and displayed on the map at a fixed size (28dp).

url style:http://r56978dr7.hn-bkt.clouddn.com/tsa_equipment_normal.png

The icon in DJI Pilot 2 Map:

Device Remote Sensing information Push

The Server end will push all devices' remote sensing information under the same workspace to DJI Pilot 2 and DJI Pilot 2 will update the status and position of the device based on the received data.

API: Refer to: Server API > WebSocket > Terrain Situation Awareness > Push Message

Device Online/Offline/Update Topology Status Push

When the Server end has received a request for any device online/offline/topology update, it will broadcast a device online/offline/topology update push notification to DJI Pilot 2. DJI Pilot 2 will trigger "obtain device topology list"

API: Refer to: Server API > WebSocket > Terrain Situation Awareness > Push Message