Media Library

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Function Overview

The media library is the function that helps Pilot2/DOCK to upload the photos/videos, downloaded from aircraft to the remote controller/dock, to the 3rd party server. Media upload function includes auto upload or manual upload. For the DOCK, it has auto upload only.

Media object storage support OSS and S3. The demo example is based on Aliyun OSS test, if you encounter other storage buckets that can not be uploaded, please contact us.

Interactive timing diagram of DJI Dock

media file dock.png

Dock API Detailed Realization

Obtain Temporary Credential

For each media upload, you need to obtain temporary file upload credentials from the server, so that DJI Dock will bring the credentials to the object storage service for verification when uploading.

API: Server API Reference > MQTT > Media Management > Obtain Temporary Credential

Reports File Upload Result

After the media file transfer is finished, DJI Dock will call this interface to inform the server of the corresponding media file upload result.

API: Refer to Server API Reference > MQTT > Media Management > App Reports File Upload Result